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   I am a photographer, US Coast Guard helicopter rescue swimmer, 100ft+ freediver, and EMT living out my dream in Oahu, Hawaii. I developed a passion for the water at a young age, learning how to freedive following my father’s footsteps in South Florida. My career takes me to many water-based locations where I am able to master and practice my love for photography.  Shooting underwater does hold a special place in my heart; nevertheless, my photography has extended towards tourism, resorts, brand work, fashion portraits, and more. My work can be seen in advertisements, magazines, and social media all over the world. CLICK HERE to view some of his clients and testimonials.


   Interested in booking a brand shoot? The first step is a consultation call. Once I have a basic understanding of your vision, we throw in my experience and knowledge to make sure you leave with images that take your breath away.

   Interested in a creative underwater personal shoot, but your water confidence isn’t all there? I will sit down and work with you both in and out of the water. My background with the water is extensive; Rescue swimmer for the USCG & Immersion PFI 100ft+ free diver. I have many skills that I can teach you in order to make sure your underwater experience is not only comfortable, but enjoyable, and possible spark a passion of your own. Additionally, as an EMT, I can ensure your safety is a priority. I look forward to sharing my love of the water with you.

   If you wish to arrange a shoot, purchase any of my prints, or simply ask some questions, feel free to contact me, I’d love to hear from you. 

   Like my style, but don’t see the service you’re looking for? I am always open to trying new things. Please do not hesitate to ask. I am also always open to traveling to suit your needs.

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