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"There are a few self proclaimed underwater photographers in the sport of Spearfishing. Those that have an eye for the angles and those who have tricks in post edit. Brandon is one of the few who continually pushes his game through sick angles, different lighting and knowing his equipment. It's always a pleasure to see a fresh prospective from a truly talented photographer. I'd recommend him to any of our advertisers looking for a project shoot."

— Jeromy Gamble


    Spearing Magazine

Hypoxia Outfitters
Hypoxia Outfitters

"You can't overstate the value of having a creative partner who innately understands the vision and driving force behind your brand. That's [Abyss] for us. Brandon puts into frame exactly the messaging we're looking to convey to our fans and customers." Rob Pierce President & CEO Hypoxia™ Outfitters

Aussie Reels USA
Aussie Reels USA

"Ever since I first met Brandon I could see his talent clear as one of his photos. He captures the life of the shot in stunning clarity and delivers above expectations. On a scale from 1-10 he would be 10's all day, highly recommend." Gabriel Roy Aussie Reels USA

Elsa and Rose Swimwear
Elsa and Rose Swimwear

"Amazing pictures! We definitely recommend him as a photographer." Kate Elsa and Rose Swim